Unveiling M13

M13 embodies AIRSCREAM UK's latest offering in the tobacco cessation market, exuding a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of bygone eras crafted by the esteemed 1924us. March 13th holds a special place in the heart of AIRSCREAM, marking the company's anniversary and celebrating the journey of innovation that commenced on this very day.

The M13 Nicotine Pouch stands as a testament to this legacy, cleverly named after this significant date—a tribute to AIRSCREAM's unwavering commitment to progress and the seamless fusion of tradition with modernity.

Flavorful Freedom

The product comes in four distinct flavors, each offering a unique sensory experience: 

Ice Lemon: A refreshing burst of citrus to invigorate your senses.

Mixed Fruit: A tropical blend that takes you on a flavorful journey.

Mint: Timeless choice for those who prefer a cool, crisp sensation.

Apple Mint: A unique fusion of apple's sweetness with the freshness of mint.

What beckons you to M13?

A Tribute to Legacy  

• European Elegance: Emanating European excellence, M13 is meticulously manufactured within the EU, upholding the pinnacle of quality and safety standards.  

• Nostalgic Aesthetics by 1924us: Designed by the renowned 1924us, the packaging reverberates with nostalgic charm, bridging the past and present.  

Elevate Your Experience 

• Flavorful Freedom: Choose from an array of four flavors, each a testament to individual preference and choice.

• Embrace Clean Living: M13 is your passport to a tobacco-free lifestyle—a cleaner, safer way to enjoy nicotine.

• Seamless Discretion: With M13, discretion is paramount. Use it anytime, anywhere, with the freedom to choose.

• Tobacco-Free: Offers a cleaner, safer way to consume nicotine.

• Discreet and Convenient: Easy to use anytime, anywhere, without drawing attention.

M13 nicotine pouches are designed for the modern adult who values both aesthetics and quality. Each pouch is crafted in the EU, adhering to stringent quality and safety benchmarks with stylish design.

Product Usage 

1. Take out one pouch from the can.

2. Position the pouch in your mouth between your lip and gums.

3. Keep the pouch in place while the nicotine is delivered.

Note: Product is NOT for consumption. Only for external use.

By focusing on both style and quality, M13 aims to redefine the tobacco cessation market. With its European craftsmanship, design by 1924us, and variety of flavors, that offer a premium experience for those looking to quit smoking.