AIRSCREAM devices are designed with minimalism as a foundation: simple enough for anyone to pick up right away, but uncompromising on hit experience, build quality and aesthetics. Besides functionality, user safety is also a key requirement, and every AIRSCREAM device comes with safety features to prevent overcharging or user injury. To ensure peace of mind, all our devices are backed by a comprehensive warranty and customer care service. 

Our commitment to quality, from the design floor to your hands.

Crafted by epicureans with demanding taste palates, AIRSCREAM’s flavours are either simple but highly authentic, or richly layered with multiple flavour combinations that tantalise and delight. As our source of pride and AIRSCREAM’s hallmark, our signature and award-winning flavours are made using premium-grade ingredients sourced only from reputable and quality suppliers. No compromises to quality are tolerated: our e-liquids are made under strict clean laboratory conditions that match food grade manufacturing standards.