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E-Liquid Mixologist

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AIRSCREAM UK is looking for a E-Liquid Mixologist who will be responsible for developing, creating, and enhancing our e-liquid flavors, leading new product development and providing development proposals according to the trend and market demand.
E-liquid Mixologists must have a deep understanding of the properties and interactions of different flavourings, as well as the chemical composition of e-liquids and the effects of other ingredients on the body.
They must also be skilled in the use of specialized equipment and techniques for mixing e-liquids to achieve the desired flavour profiles and vaping experiences.

Job Description
  • Develop and deploy flavors according to customers' needs and product characteristics, and regularly launch new e-liquid flavours for customers' reference.
  • Responsible for the creation of flavour in our e-liquid products.
  • Responsible for the selection of flavour raw materials and the testing and exploration of the applicability and stability of the products.
  • Act as a technical advisor to the users of e-liquid flavours in compliance with global regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing quality solutions to reduce manufacturing complexity and costs related to flavour materials and/or processes.
  • Adjust our e-liquid formulas and processes based on test results.
  • Maintain the flavor raw materials by keeping all materials in the flavour laboratory within shelf life.