We're hiring:

Chemist (MY)


AIRSCREAM UK is looking for an analytical chemist to create and test chemicals used for our e-liquid flavouring. The chemist's responsibilities include, preparing test solutions and conducting quality control tests to ensure product safety.


Job Description:

  • Use creative and scientific understanding of flavour chemistry and a variety of analytical tools including GC/MS to achieve desired flavour profiles that meets customers needs.
  • Create or reformulate flavours using natural and artificial approved flavour chemicals.
  • Analyse and characterize flavour profile and formulation techniques used to describe ingredients and various inhalable product applications.
  • Act as a technical advisor to the users of e-liquid flavours in compliance with global regulatory requirements.
  • Adjust our e-liquid formulas and processes based on test results.
  • Maintain cleanliness of laboratory facilities, equipment, and utensils.
  • Generate reports, insights and presentations that clearly and concisely communicate conclusions and recommendations.
  • Evaluating and ensuring compliance with laboratory safety procedures and standards.

      Job Requirements:

      • A bachelor's degree in chemistry or related field, with further education being advantageous.
      • Working experience with natural flavour extraction and flavour development.
      • Experience in scientific research and laboratory work may be advantageous.
      • Possess analytical, detail oriented, and logical work ethic.
      • Proficiency with computers and scientific equipment.
      • Good verbal and written communication skills.
      • Good presentation and technical skills.
      • Proficiency with operating GC/MS is a must.

          If you are confident that this is the role for you, please email your resume to hr@airscreamuk.com with the title of position you apply.