Charles Li


Charles Li
Group Purchasing Manager

Before joining AIRSCREAM, I worked in headhunting, NGOs and e-liquid industries. I currently take charge of global sourcing and work internally and externally to fulfill customer orders.

My biggest challenge is the ever-changing market supply and demands. Every new flavour or device we produce could mean sourcing for new suppliers, which adds another moving part to our already extensive supply chain. I get a lot of offers for OEM manufacturing, but few can actually meet our specifications because they’re so uniquely designed.

With the help of dedicated co-workers and reliable suppliers, we navigate our way through these difficulties. Fortunately, our suppliers are chosen for reliability and consistency, so we maintain a good working relationship with them. We also learn from our past logistical hurdles by ensuring that future designs and flavours already take them into consideration.

What I like most about AIRSCREAM is the talented colleagues across departments. We learn from each other and achieve our goals together as a team.